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The Home Office can be a good experience. A system has been developed as part of the Work Environment Research.

To participate, please find 2020 Home Office Experience survey links here:


Well-being and productivity go hand in hand with the improvement of the remote work experience.

A personalized service is offered to individual clients and teams.  Read some suggestions here

There are four levels of engagement : Advice, Get it Done, Design, Workshop

  • Identify your needs

  • Enrich your work environment (layout and furniture)

  • Address life balance


Interested to enrich your work experience at home?


An hour consultation to help you identify your needs.


Via videoconference:

50 €/60 minutes

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The "get it done" alternative is the direct approach to take action and intervene the space to make it work.

We roll up our sleeves and move the furniture around. Please note this service is only available in Geneva Metropolitan Area.


120 €/90 minutes

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Based on your needs, we develop the brief and create a concept

  • productivity criteria  

  • layout

  • furniture

Tell me about your project!


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The Home Office environment is a System, one that is composed by space, time, and YOU, the occupant. Productivity requires constant planning, feedback and change, not a fixed solution.


As the buffers between our private and professional lives become distorted, the Home Office System offers a multidisciplinary set of workshops available to facilitate your transition to remote work throw a dynamic problem-solving approach.


By focusing on the WHY, the HOW will follow. Small changes go a long way for Individual and Team Home Office solutions. Join a workshops:



How to be productive and adapt to remote work. Join


How to stay healthy and productive. Join


How to thrive and build relationships while working from home. Join


How to improve my home office. Join


How to stay creative while working from home. Join


How to develop new habits and experience sustainable productivity. Join


“Thank you Olga for these great insights that helped me re-think on how I use my workspace at home!

This worshop was part of the Lean In France solidarity initiative together with Lean In des Savoie and Lean In Bordeaux!”

— Daniela

“Thank you Olga for your expertise and relaxed energy, I enjoyed your workshop very much and feel more creative than ever!

— Amelie

“Thank you Olga for your advice for my home-office adjustment. Your tips and also your pedagogy have been very useful for the renew  of my environment. I strongly advice this workshop!

— Lina

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