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The Home Office is part of the "Work Environment Research". I am interested in making your work experience at home, better. 

I offer a personalized service that involves both, the client and the designer, to accomplish immediate results.

There are four levels of engagement : Advice, Worshop, Get it Done, Design

  • Identify your needs

  • Enrich your work environment

  • Address life balance

  • Rectify your posture

  • Improve layout

  • Discuss furniture options

  • Accessories and personalization.

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Interested to enrich your work experience at home?


An hour consultation to help you identify your needs.


Via videoconference:

50 €/60 minutes


80 €/60 minutes

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The workshop provides a guided evaluation of the space and its function. It is meant to outline common problems and encourage you to implement solutions.

Individual WORKSHOP via videoconference.

60 €HT/60 minutes

Group WORKSHOP via videoconference.

30 €/60 minutes





The "get it done" alternative is the direct approach to take action and interven the space to make it work.

We roll up our sleeves and move the furniture around.


This service requires a 30 minutes on-line session  to prepare the programme.


120 €/90 minutes

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Based on your needs, we develop brief and create a concept:

  • mood board

  • color scheme

  • layout

  • furniture

Tell me about your project!

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“Thank you Olga for these great insights that helped me re-think on how I use my workspace at home!

This worshop was part of the Lean In France solidarity initiative together with Lean In des Savoie and Lean In Bordeaux!”

— Daniela

“Thank you Olga for your expertise and relaxed energy, I enjoyed your workshop very much and feel more creative than ever!

— Amelie

“Thank you Olga for your advice for my home-office adjustment. Your tips and also your pedagogy have been very useful for the renew  of my environment. I strongly advice this workshop!

— Lina

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Canton de Genève

District Nyon


C.A. Pays de Gex

C.C. Pays Bellegardien

C.C. Du Gènevois

C.A. Annemasse Agglomération

C.A. Thonon Agglomération

C.C. Arve et Saléve

C.C. Faucigny - Glières

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