Hi, my name is Olga and I’m an architect.


I am curious about architectural implementation in the big and small scale. Urban projects connect the dots.... micro projects are the dots.

I have a masters in sustainable design and my main interest is to improve and build functional spaces through the understanding of environmental factors, context, our behaviour and comfort.  

No matter the scale, big or small, I implement creative ways to problem solving.

The first step is to define your needs, then we can create a plan to achieve functional solutions.

Do you want to make some changes and don't know where to start?

Maybe there are things and furniture you don't need anymore?

Or is the furniture layout?

What about creating a color scheme or mood board?


To welcome the "new" we must let go of those things we don't need anymore.


Based on  methodology I'll guide you to facilitate the choices and free your space!


This service is directed to facilitate the sell/rent of your property by showing its  potential.


Design is a problem solving methodology. First, we outline your needs, then we clean the space and use the remaining furniture to determine the new layout. That way we are ready to  welcome new funiture, light, texture and colour.

Are you looking for that special item to serve a specific purpose?

I can help you find it!

We can design it!

recamar huespedes.jpg

Sometimes an image says more than a thousand words. Rendering service available to clients. Price varies depending on complexity.

Depending on your location I work with local architects to develop projects in different parts of the world.



Canton de Genève

District Nyon


C.A. Pays de Gex

C.C. Pays Bellegardien

C.C. Du Gènevois

C.A. Annemasse Agglomération

C.A. Thonon Agglomération

C.C. Arve et Saléve

C.C. Faucigny - Glières