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Moving forward

Let us start at the beginning. As a solution-oriented creative, I am passionate about design.

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Someone explained to me that people rationalize their decision-making process in different ways. There are those who think with the head, others with the heart, and so on. I happen to think with my belly, I go with what my gut tells me, literally. At the end, I may be right or wrong, but when taking responsibility for a decision, I follow my intuition. During the creative process we are constantly solving problems and making choices, only to see ourselves in front of new tasks, new obstacles and new decisions.

Daily, we are confronted with little and big assignments. Usually our level of responsibility and consciousness alter our perception and cloud our point of view. A decision may appear as an easy step, or we may feel overwhelmed by it. So, what do we say to this? Bring it on! Gather the available information, write down your findings and sketch the ideas, walk away for a minute or two and enjoy a coffee, come back to the table and assess your options. By following your intuition, you’ll find the answer. As they say, “success is a journey, not a destination”.


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