The STAGING guidelines result from understanding what a potential client WANTS and what your property OFFERS. For your potential client to imagine what it could be to own / rent your property it is important to design a "visit strategy". In order to succeed, we must facilitate the visualization process.


This personalized service involves both, the client and the designer, to accomplish immediate results.

There are three levels of engagement : Advice, Worshop, and Intervention and B2B.


Are you interested in selling / renting your property?


An hour consultation to help you identify your needs.

Book a RDV


On-line Advice Session

50 €/60 minutes




This alternative is the direct approach to take action and DRESS UP your space.

Based on the methodology, we roll up our sleeves and put the theory into practice.

Please note this service is only available in Geneva Metropolitan Area.





On-line 30 minutes

Visit 60 minutes

100 €/90 minutes

Additional hour during same visit

50 €/60 minutes


Additional visit

100 €/90 minutes




You are a real estate developer or your business is for sale, this is an opportunity to accelerate the decision of a potential client.


Book B2B


Consultation On-line 

60 minutes

80 €HT

Additional hour during same visit

40 €HT/60 minutes


Visit in the Geneva Metropolitan Area

90 minutes

100 €HT

Additional hour during same visit

50 €HT/60 minutes


Additional visit

100 €HT/90 minutes

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