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Real Estate Value of a Home Office

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Real estate and home office

The current distortion has made us reflect on why we work and how we

live. Adapting to remote work has not been easy. After more than a year since the crisis struck, many are still operating in emergency mode and developing concerning effects. It is time to move forward and evaluate how to better adapt to our current circumstances.

In the northern hemisphere spring is around the corner. The new season brings the opportunity to do some cleaning and make some informed decisions. For those facing complex activities in reduced living environments, the seasonal space detox will not be enough. For some, reaching their limit has resulted in radical choices associated to property investment for personal and professional reasons.

With so many properties entering the real estate competition, a specific feature will be at the top of your potential buyer’s wish list: does your property offer dedicated space for a home office?

Findings from the 2020 Working from Home Experience survey conducted for the Home Office Playbook research show that 42% of the participants made the most of what they had to equip their remote setups, 17% acknowledged they needed to improve their working conditions and 30% were already taking action.

Survey, home office, wfh, remote
Survey Home Office

Most participants believed they would continue working from home in some degree, 44% thinks they will do it occasionally, 25% believes it would be a frequent solution and 20% already knows working from anywhere is their new framework. This survey represents a small focus group from people in every continent and different occupations. It serves to highlight that a change is already visible in most parts of the world and that hybrid working conditions for most knowledgeable workers appear to be the next normal.

Therefore, staging a Home Office setup will be essential to better market your property. Having to be more competitive will encourage you rethink about your remote experience and how to improve it for others to choose your property instead of other.

Staging a Home Office to improve your chances and better market the property, will play in your favor. If you are installing a workstation, why not taking advantage of this effort and actually do it for yourself and enjoy it as well. The way we choose to end this chapter will influence how we remember the working from home experience when looking back at this time in our lives.

Small changes make a big difference and what a better argument than your personal experience to illustrate the possibilities of your property to a potential buyer and close the deal.

The Home Office Playbook will soon be available. For consultations about how to improve your Home Office environment and develop a comprehensive system, get in touch!


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